Madden 21: How To Unlock X-Factor Abilities

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Madden 21 has a new feature called X-Factor, giving the best NFL players unique abilities like their real-life counterparts. This ability to help lead their team to take control of a game, dominate their opponents, change the game's momentum, and help lead their team to a victory with unique abilities and attributes.

This new feature is looking to take Madden to new heights and highlight the individual impact players can make on the field just like they do in the NFL. Each team has X-Factor players with abilities that can be unlocked throughout the game. Next, we will tell you how to unlock X-Factor abilities in Madden 21.

First off, there are numerous players on each team that can be X-Factor players. Some of them have abilities that cannot be unlocked. These are passive traits of a player that will always be there whether you complete objectives during a game or not.

Others have abilities that can be unlocked by completing objectives. Before attempting to unlock them, you should check the pre-game screen or the pause menu to ensure the exact objectives that you must meet to unlock that player's skills in question.

After you make sure that your selected player is for the X-Factor, what abilities you will unlock, and what goals you will have to accomplish during the game, you just have to fulfill them. By completing the objectives, you will unlock the abilities available for that game.

With this, you will identify the objectives and skills and even the players with the X-Factor, both defensive and offensive.

Now you know how to unlock abilities using X-Factor in Madden 21. Hop into a game and try it out for yourself! There's no doubting they make a huge difference. For more guides, be sure to browse here. In addition, you can buy coins for madden 21 here. Not only cheap but 100% safe. With these coins, more immersive and fun for everyone.