You say you're in the future which you went

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You would be in the center of a significant battle and you will find blood and bones everywhere.They transported one to the God Wars!To the right you can view Saradomin's Camp.To the left,Zamorak's Camp.Make your way into the camp of the RS gold God you truly like and when you arrive,you'll be greeted with guards and then you are going to ask to speak using their commander.They will take you to the God you picked and then you get to fulfill the Gods themselves!

You say you're in the future which you went through some time portal.The God would then request that you take part in a great battle that would end the God Wars forever!You would subsequently appear away from the camp gates with a robust and well-armed army enclosing you.Then that the God would say some epic words such as something in a movie and buy RuneScape gold you and the military and the God would bill in another military which is also charging at you!